Pamper your pets with Rufus and Coco

Rufus and Coco makes spoiling your beloved furry friend all too easy. From products ripe for weekend pampering to a stimulating new toy, there’s something for every pet. Get your paws on natural shampoos, grooming tools, and premium cat little, and ensure your pets feel good and look great. 

Get rid of tangles and bad smells with Rufus and Coco 

There’s nothing worse than nuzzling into your pet's fur only to have it reek. Whether it’s something they’ve rolled in at the park or have just managed to avoid bath time for too long, get them smelling fresh again with Rufus & Coco.

Spoil your dog with their very own spa day with a range of shampoos that include natural ingredients like oatmeal. If you’re short on time, you can clean up messes on the go with wipes that work to remove dirt and odour gently. Or give them an instant refresh with water-free shampoo - it’s dry shampoo for your pets! While our feline friends are grooming experts, sometimes they also enjoy a good pampering. Help them with pesky tangles or just show them some extra TLC with a nice new brush or pamper spray. 

Rufus and Coco also have a range of sprays to keep your home smelling fresh. Odour and stain remover sprays will help eliminate tough stains and smells that linger well after your furry babies bath time. 

Get tails wagging and entice purrs with wellness treats

When it comes to our fur babies, sometimes a little extra can go a long way. Help them feel and look great with lotion for tear stains or specialised shampoos that will help them scratch that itch that just won’t go away. 

Rufus and Coco will also take care of your little buddy outside of bath time. Help a teething pup with a rubber chew toy or capture the attention of a lazing feline with a colourful feather toy. 

Cat litter that makes your feline friend feel like royalty

The days of your kitty trampling litter through your house are over with Rufus and Coco cat litter. Their biodegradable litters come in larger, paw-friendly pellets that won’t be brought outside of the cat box. Coming in two different options, a plant litter and a corn litter that is the first of it’s kind in Australia, the pellets work quickly to absorb and capture odour.  Plus, their corn litter the first of it’s kind in Australia, absorbs and traps odours in easy to scoop clumps. 

With your cat keeping the litter inside the box, Rufus and Coco have taken the fuss out of cleaning up after your cat with tray liners. The biodegradable fabric stretches the cat box so that you can simply remove and throw it out.

Rufus and Coco FAQ

Can cat litter be composted?

Rufus and Coco cat litter is completely biodegradable and flushable. Flush it down your toilet or use it as surface mulch.

What is the best shampoo for my dog?

Just like us, your pup’s skin might need tailored products. Sensitive skin calls for a product that is going to cleanse and deoderise all while being gentle and soft. As a general rule of thumb when looking for dog shampoo, it’s best to keep it simple and look for natural ingredients like aloe vera and oatmeal.

Do I need to bathe my cat?

Cats are experts at grooming and taking care of their coats - however, every now and then you might need to give them a helping hand. You may need to face bathtime if your cat has gotten something nasty on their coat, itching with fleas or are injured - just don’t forget to protect yourself with long sleeves and gloves!

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