Treat your furry friends with SavourLife dog food

Every dog deserves more than just a treat every now-and-then, they deserve the best treats they can bite on, which is why they need SavourLife treats. From strips and biscuits, to training treats and grain-free meals, SavourLife will keep your furry best friend happy and healthy. 

SavourLife Puppy Food

Start your puppy off on the right foot with healthy food and offer them SavourLife’s Puppy Chicken Kibble, which is available for all breeds (even large ones) in different bag sizes. The kibble contains protein, vitamins and minerals to support your puppy’s development.

SavourLife Training Treats

After you’ve bought SavourLife puppy kibble, you can get started training your puppy with SavourLife’s Chicken Training Treats. The training treats are soft, easy to break in half, and come in a resealable bag. They are filled with fish oil and have a chewy texture to help your puppy develop strong skin and teeth. SavourLife training treats are also available in kangaroo and milky meat flavours.

SavourLife Snacks

As well as training treats, SavourLife also offers other snacks for your furry best friends, such as biscuits and strips. SavourLife’s biscuits come in a variety of flavours, including beef, chicken and kangaroo. SavourLife’s strips also come in a variety of meats and flavours, including chicken, duck and lamb.

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SavourLife FAQ

Is SavourLife grain free?

SavourLife offers a wide variety of grain-free products, however not every product is grain free.

Where is SavourLife made?

All SavourLife products are made in Australia.

Is grain free dog food recommended?

While grain-free dog food does have its benefits, especially for dogs with allergies and/or sensitive tummies, it is best to consult with your veterinarian before putting your dog on a grain-free diet.

Should you give dogs treats when training?

Generally speaking, treats are recommended when starting training, especially for puppies. However it is also recommended that treats are phased out over time and replaced with “real-life rewards” such as playtime, attention and toys.

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