Dogs would do just about anything for Schmackos dog treats

Dogs love to be rewarded for their efforts. Even cheeky, stubborn puppies are more likely to transform into good boys and girls if they know a little extra boost will soon appear between their teeth. From nibbles for long walks or obedience lessons to chew strips that will keep your furry friend busy at home, Schmackos quality treats are an essential in any dog owner’s cupboard.

Healthy Dogs are Happy Dogs

Packed with natural ingredients and lots of protein, the Schmackos range helps dogs stay healthy and active for longer. Australian-made and using real-meat, with Schmackos, you can show your pets of any age how much you love them while resting assured that you're feeding them quality food that they will go crazy for.

Schmackos FAQ

Who makes Schmackos?

Made in Australia, Schmackos products follow a strict quality control process to ensure you only give your dog what is best for them. Schmackos is affiliated with Mars, a family-owned business dedicated to creating products that people and pets love for more than 100 years.

Are Schmackos good for dogs and puppies?

Schmackos are suitable for puppies older than 6 months, adult, and senior dogs. Whether you seek to treat, motivate or reward, Schmackos has something for every stage of a dog’s life.

How many calories are in a Schmackos?

Who said tasty should mean unhealthy? Schmackos ingredients are low-fat, high in protein and contain no artificial colours or flavours. With only 260kcal per 100g, Schmackos chew strips are the ideal treats to give your dog some yummy rewards while helping them maintain a healthy weight and give them the energy they need for playing.

Is it possible to give my dog too many Schmackos?

We all love seeing our dogs happy but, like little kids and lollies, it is possible to have too much of a delicious thing. Dog treats should only be used for occasional or supplemental feeding. Make sure you read the label and give your pet an amount suited for their size.

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