Put Your Dog’s Health First with Sentinel Spectrum

Happy and healthy dogs are the ultimate household comforters. As pet owners, we all want to keep their bouncing bodies free from itchy fleas and silent parasites, but it can be difficult to know which treatment is the right choice for your pooch. Sentinel Spectrum keeps the nasties at bay with a once per month preventative treatment, combatting a wide range of pests and infections before they spiral out of control.

Protect your paw pal with a single beef-flavoured treat and tackle invading worms with an active ingredient called Milbemycin Oxime, disturbing the underdeveloped stage of heartworm larvae, and the adult stage of hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. Fleas also flee from Sentinel, disturbed and poisoned by Lufenuron, an ingredient with minimal to no impact on your dog and an efficient effect on managing flea infestations.

Make the date of your dog’s next treatment in your calendar and ensure Sentinel stands guard around the clock. You never know where your next flea infestation is hiding.

Sentinel FAQs

What is Sentinel Spectrum?

Sentinel Spectrum is an all-round flea, heartworm and intestinal worm treatment for your doggo. Taken orally, this tasty chew protects your pooch from dangerous parasites including roundworm, whipworm, hookworm and adult tapeworm.

Suited to pets of all shapes and sizes, Sentinel Spectrum for small dogs is available for pooches up to 4kgs, whereas Sentinel Spectrum for large dogs will cover weight ranges of up to 45kgs.

How do I use Sentinel Spectrum?

Simply give your pooch one chew per month as a treat or place it in their meal. Research has shown that 97% of dogs will eat Sentinel Spectrum straight out the packet, but keep your eyes peeled to make sure they eat the whole chew without spitting it out for the treatment to take full effect.

Remember, before your dog takes Sentinel Spectrum they must be tested for heartworm infection. Puppies will require treatment at 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks old.

Does Sentinel Spectrum kill ticks?

Sentinel Spectrum does not kill ticks.

Is Sentinel Spectrum good for fleas?

Sentinel contains the active ingredient of Lufenuron which controls flea populations by disrupting eggs and larvae from developing. For the most effective results it is recommended to treat your dog before adult fleas become active.

If mature fleas have taken up residence, additional steps are required as Sentinel will not kill adult fleas.

Does Sentinel kill all worms?

Thanks to the active ingredients in Sentinel Spectrum, the oral treatment is effective against common parasites that love to make a home on your pooch’s skin, including heartworm, roundworm, whipworm and hookworm.

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