Simparica knocks down nasty parasites fast

No matter how hard you try, it seems like pesky fleas always find a way. They’re small and fast and have a range of ways to latch onto your pooch. Catching fleas is easy. They could be from your pup’s best friend at the dog park or an animal that's made itself at home on their outdoor bedding. However they catch them, Simparica will stop fleas in their tracks and get your dog back to being itch-free in no time. 

Designed as a once a month preventative chew, your doggos will enjoy complete protection from fleas, ticks, mange and mites. Simparica chewable tablets for dogs come in a mouth-watering liver flavour and are easily disguised in food or can even be given as a treat. 

Simparica fights back against fleas and ticks

While fleas may love them, our pups definitely don't - this is purely a one-way relationship. Not only do fleas create skin issues, they can also transmit bacterial diseases. Owners can even feel the sting, with bites that are red and itchy. 

Simparica flea and tick treatment makes quick work of parasites, killing fleas within 3 hours. Not only does it work quickly, Simparica also lasts, effectively protecting your pooch for an entire month. 

Simparica for dogs also offers a double punch against nasty ticks. While working to shut down fleas before they can grow and spread, Simparica protects against three different tick types common in Australia - the brown tick, bush tick and deadly paralysis tick. Simparica will kill the nasty bloodsuckers within 8 hours of consumption and stop infections that can be passed onto your dog.

Take care of mange and mites with Simparica

Fleas and ticks aren’t the only parasites that can cause your doggo discomfort. Mites that live on or just under the skin can cause irritation which leads to itching, hair loss and inflammation. Simparica dog chews also protect against mites and mange, offering fast relief for an itchy pup. 

Big or small, there’s a Simparica dog chew for every canine 

Simparica treatments come in easy coloured packs and are designed to suit your dog’s weight. Treatments start down the miniature end with 1.3kg weights. Simparica also goes to the other end of the scale for doggos up to 60kg.  
Browse the range online and order your dogs Simparica Australia wide and stop their itches today. 

Simparica FAQ

How does Simparica work?

Simparica works by travelling through your dog’s bloodstream, eventually reaching tissue fluid just under the surface of the skin. When a tick, flea or mite bites, the active ingredient Sarolaner attacks, effectively killing the parasite.

Does Simparica last longer than a month?

The protection will last a little longer than a month - up to 35 days. That gives you a little leeway with doses, without exposing your pup to fleas and ticks.

Can Simparica be given to puppies?

Simparica is completely safe to use on puppies over eight weeks old that weigh more than 1.25kg.

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