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Rabbit bedding - Keep that cotton tail soft

Putting bedding in your small animal’s habitat is important. It helps them to stay cosy and gives them somewhere comfortable to sleep. You can find an assortment of guinea pig bedding and rabbit litter in our online store.

Types of guinea pig and rabbit bedding

When we say guinea pig and rabbit bedding, we also mean that it is an appropriate bedding material for rats, mice, ferrets and other small animals.

At My Pet Warehouse you’ll find paper pulp bedding, paper pellets and hay.

Paper pulp rabbit and guinea pig bedding

Paper pulp is soft, absorbent and controls odour. What more could you ask for in bedding for your rabbit or guinea pig? Paper pulp works well as a bedding material for small animals because of its absorbency and the fact that it produces less dust than traditional wood shavings.

It is also an environmentally friendly choice as it is made from recycled paper. The most popular brand that we stock is Carefresh paper pulp bedding.

Paper pellet rabbit and guinea pig litter

Paper pellet bedding is similar to paper pulp however it is in pellet form. Paper pellet litter is ideal to use in rabbit litter trays. This is because it is highly absorbent and the pellet form will discourage them from using their litter tray as a bed.

It is also environmentally friendly as it uses recycled paper fashioned into small pellets.My Pet Warehouse stock Back-2-Nature and Lil Friends paper pellet bedding.

Hay rabbit and guinea pig bedding

Hay provides essential nutrients for guinea pigs and rabbits. Small animals also use hay as bedding since it is a warm material for creating nests. Although rodents may not need to eat hay it works well as rat and mice bedding. This is because it is a material that they can use to create cosy nests.

My Pet Warehouse stock Oxbow and Peters hay.