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You’d be hopping mad to miss out on our range of rabbit enclosures!

If you’re looking for guinea pig or rabbit hutch then you’ve come to the right place!

A small animal’s home is her castle. It’s where she’ll spend most of her time so it makes sense to find her an enclosure that’s just right.

My Pet Warehouse has small animal homes suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats and hamsters.

Choosing a rabbit or guinea pig hutch

Most rabbits are happy to live alone but they still need a considerable amount of space to stretch their long legs. You may even wish to have both a rabbit hutch and a rabbit run.

You’ll find indoor and outdoor rabbit houses in our online store. Our indoor rabbit cages feature a mesh top for ventilation and a removable plastic base for easy cleaning.

Outdoor hutches are constructed from timber in a wood stain or elegant grey colour.

Since guinea pigs like to live in pairs (or more) they require the same sized enclosure as a single rabbit.

Choosing a small rodent enclosure

Small rodents like rats, mice and hamsters have very different requirements to rabbits and guinea pigs. Firstly, they are smaller so the spaces between the bars need to be small enough to prevent them from escaping.

Secondly, small rodents love to climb, so you’ll often find climbing accessories included in hamster and mice houses.

Buying a small animal habitat online

The thought of buying a hutch or cage online might seem a bit daunting, since you can’t physically see the product but we will do our best to help you envisage the products available.

If you do feel confused about what enclosure to purchase, give us a squeak. We’ll help you find one that’s suitable for you and your pet.