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They’ll Love a New Rabbit Hutch Thiiiiiisss Much

Snuggly to hold and silky to touch, the snuffles of a bunny and the squeaks of a guinea pig fill so many Australian childhoods - after all, not everybody wants a dog or cat! Both rabbits and guinea pigs can be a pleasure to own - as long as they have their own space to thrive. Rabbit hutches and guinea pig cages are a must-have for your new companion, providing a place for four-legged family members to escape the hustle and bustle of family life, sinking some pellets and snacking on hay before snoozing away the afternoon. Often made of wood, metal or wire, a comfortable guinea pig cage or rabbit cage is ideal for raising domesticated small animals in the predator-free safety of your home, although some owners swear having an outdoor hutch and indoor cage is the best of both worlds.

Is there a difference between an indoor rabbit hutch and indoor guinea pig cages?

While specialised guinea pig enclosures exist, our range of small animal cages are suited to both rabbits and guinea pigs. Similarly, any outdoor rabbit cage available above will be a sweet and cosy guinea pig hutch with the right bedding and guinea pig accessories - while the house is important, it’s what’s inside that makes it a comfortable pet home!
What about ferrets? Ferrets are classified as small animals too, their energy levels and natural problem-solving abilities require a multi-level cage to keep them happy.

Should guinea pig/ rabbit cages be placed inside or outside?

Conventionally, it is more common to keep rabbit hutches and guinea pig cages outside of the house. However, because of the risk of predators and the harsh Australian weather, indoor rabbit cages and small animal pens are beginning to reign supreme, minimising those wily escapes and weekend bunny chases.

Indoor or outdoor, there’s one thing you can’t forget, no matter where your small animal spends their nights - they need plenty of attention and love. Rabbits and guinea pigs are not natural loners, so it’s probably a good idea to get more than one! If you do settle on an outdoor rabbit hutch, remember to let them out to have a hop around and top up their water bowl daily - rabbits and guinea pigs dig into a diet of fresh hay, grasses, leafy greens and a small serving of pellets. Keep carrots and fruit for treat time. Provided your silky friend receives the company and exercise they deserve, they’ll never have a bad hare day again.

Selecting a rabbit hutch or guinea pig cage

Now that you’ve decided on the location of the cage, it’s time to pick a bunny hutch. Cheap rabbit hutches or guinea pig cages may do the job for a short time, but you’ll want something more resilient and escape-ready to house your budding escape artist - they can squeeze themselves seemingly impossible gaps!  Explore our range online now and give your bunny or guinea the home they deserve.