Buy a new rat cage… go on, we won’t rat you out

We don’t want to be cheesy, but fancy rats (or pet rats) make incredible household pets. Underrated and intelligent, these social butterflies are bursting with personality, cuddling up on your shoulder and learning new tricks faster than any Fido in the neighborhood. Help them get their nose over the line with time, affection and a dedicated rat cage, ensuring they have somewhere to rest and relax when the human world gets too much by more than a whisker.

Rat cages are all the same, right?

Not exactly. Let’s start simple and talk about size - how many pet rats will you welcome into your household? Sure, rats love their human friends, but nothing beats the company of another rat buddy - they’re mischief makers with an extroverted flair, so few rodents truly thrive living alone in a rat enclosure. We recommend buying two rats of the same sex together, minimising the chances of a territory war (common to male rats) and building those lifelong bonds betwen your new rat pack from the first day you bring them home.

Rats love to burrow, climb, dig and explore - especially when the rest of the house has gone quiet - so a large rat cage with plenty of room for night time shenanigans is your best bet. We recommended each rat should have at least 2.5 cubic feet of cage to call their own, with bar spacing of half an inch or smaller to give them the ventilation they need while preventing potential escape attempts - rats are expert prison breakers!

While there are plenty of cheap rat cages for sale online, My Pet Warehouse offers an affordable range of rat cages as well as rat cage accessories to make your cute rodents feel right at home without sacrificing quality or security. All you need to now is choose a home for your radical rodent!

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