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Unleash the fun with a ferret, guinea pig or rabbit harness.

Rabbits and guinea pigs like to explore however because of their size it’s worrying to let them run free. This issue can be solved by getting your fluffy pet a leash or harness.

She’ll be able to roam freely and you’ll feel safe knowing that she can’t disappear down any rabbit holes.

Rabbit harness and lead

With power cords, electrical equipment and stomping feet, the inside of your house isn’t particularly safe for a loose bunny.

The garden isn’t exactly a bed of roses either. There are potentially poisonous plants and your rabbit could escape through gaps in your fence.

Fortunately a rabbit leash and harness will allow you to safely walk your rabbit in your house or garden. My Pet Warehouse stock a rabbit harness and lead to fit your rabbit and keep her out of harm’s way.

The harnesses are adjustable so they will fit both normal sized and dwarf rabbits. They also come in several different colours for you to coordinate with her fur.

Guinea pig harness and lead

A guinea pig harness fastens around your little Cavy to ensure that she can’t get into any mischief. The harness is designed especially to fit securely around your pet whilst still being comfortable.

My Pet Warehouse stock Guinea pig leads and harnesses in several different colours and are adjustable so that they fit all sized guinea pigs.

Ferret harness and lead

Ferrets love to explore. A ferret lead and harness will allow your ferret to explore safely around your home or outside.

Taking your ferret for a walk is enjoyable for you and your ferret. You’ll enjoy seeing her adventurous side and she’ll appreciate being able to stretch her legs outside of the enclosure.

Harness safety

When using a harness on small animals you must supervise them at all times. This will ensure that they do not become tangled in the leash. This is even more significant for guinea pigs as they have incredibly fragile spines.