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You’ll Be Bowled Over By Our Range of Small Animal Bowls!

One of the most basic purchases you need to make for your small animal is the right feeding equipment. This includes small animal bowls and a water bottle.

The right feeding dish will ensure that your rabbit, guinea pig or other small animal can have access to fresh food. Water is normally provided through a hanging water bottle that is positioned on the outside of a cage.

Rabbit bowl options

You’ll find rabbit and other small animal bowls in our online store. We have plastic rabbit bowls for feeding treats and ceramic bowls, which are suitable for pellets and feed.

When choosing a bowl for your rabbit or guinea pig, you want the bowl to be large enough to hold a decent amount of pellets. On the other hand, if the bowl is too large your fluff ball will be tempted to sit in it.

This might look cute but it’s not so adorable when he poops or wees in his bunny bowl!

Rabbit water bottle options

Rabbit water bottles are commonly used to hold water in a small animal’s enclosure. This is because it is easy to refill and rabbits and guinea pigs can easily drink from the spout.

You may wish to have a water bowl as some rabbits enjoy splashing in the water with their paws. You must remember though that water in bowls can easily become contaminated so you may wish to have a back-up source of water in a bottle.

Bottles can be made from plastic or glass and commonly they have a stainless steel water spout. All bottles come with an attachment so that they can be hooked to the outside of your rabbit or guinea pig hutch.