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Get the squeak of approval with our guinea pig and rabbit food

They may be small but rabbits, guinea pigs and small rodents have big nutritional needs.

In order for your pet to live a long and healthy life, you’ll have to feed her a balanced diet. This includes a good quality rabbit food or guinea pig food along with additional fresh fruits and veggies.

Rabbit food

Your rabbit has an interesting digestive system. It breaks down food into two types of ways. One, she gets rid of in little round pellets and the other is stored for later.

The waste that is stored is called cecotropes. Your rabbit will pass these and eat them as they are filled with nutrients and good bacteria that are beneficial to the overall health of your bunny. A poor diet can upset this delicate balance and cause your rabbit to become ill.

Brands of bunny treats and food stocked at My Pet Warehouse include Oxbow, Vetafarm and Peters.

Guinea pig food

Guinea pigs require high levels of vitamin C in their diet as they cannot manufacture their own. This is why guinea pig food is fortified with vitamin C. Without this essential vitamin they might develop scurvy.

Brands of guinea pig treats and food stocked at My Pet Warehouse include Oxbow, Vetafarm and Peters.

Rodent food

Adequate nutrition is also important for the health of small rodents, like mice and rats. We stock mice and rat food from Living World and Peters that caters to their nutritional requirements.

Ferret food

Unlike the other pets mentioned, ferrets are obligate carnivores meaning they need to eat meat in order to survive. The Living World ferret food in our online store has a high protein content making it suitable for ferrets.