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Keep that fur fluffy with guinea pig and rabbit grooming supplies.

Our rabbit and guinea pig grooming supplies have been chosen with your pet’s comfort in mind. We also put your needs on top by stocking tried and tested small animal grooming tools, like the Furminator de-shedding tool.

Regular grooming puts you up close and personal with your pet meaning you will easily be able to identify any health issues she may have such as fleas or any sores on her skin. The time spent grooming is also beneficial for bonding.

Guinea pig and rabbit grooming supplies for hair

Rabbits and guinea pigs tend to shed a fair bit and unlike cats they cannot cough up hairballs. The hair that they swallow during grooming can cause them digestive issues.

This is why a good rabbit brush will be useful. Rabbit grooming tools help with matted fur that can occur in long haired bunnies. De-shedding tools such as the Furminator brush successfully removes excess hair from your rabbit, guinea pig or ferret.

We stock a variety of brushes - some tools are designed to comb out fleas, others aim to remove excess hair and some are made to remove matted fur.

Guinea pig and rabbit shampoo

My Pet Warehouse also stock rabbit shampoo and rabbit conditioner that is safe to use to wash your bunny and other small animals when they become dirty.

Guinea pig and rabbit grooming for claws

You’ll also find rabbit and guinea pig grooming tools in our store to help you deal with your pet’s claws.

Long and sharp claws can cause damage to your pet when they scratch themselves. Long claws aren’t much fun for you either as they may scratch you when you pick up your pet.