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Scurry into our online store for guinea pig and rabbit toys.

Eating and sleeping is necessary but life can get pretty boring for your rabbit, guinea pig or rodent if they don’t have toys. Playing with a guinea pig or rabbit toy will stimulate your small animal’s mind. It’s also a good chance for them to grind down their ever-growing teeth.

Rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents should be able to entertain themselves with toys otherwise they’ll become bored and possibly destructive. Chewing at their cage or habitat is an activity undertaken by bored and frustrated bunnies and guinea pigs.

These nasty habits also have the possibility of becoming obsessive and then they are really difficult to stop.

Safety comes first with rabbit and guinea pig toys

Your pet will gnaw, chew and grind any toy that you give them so it’s important to ensure that they are made of safe materials. All of our seagrass small animal and rodent toys are non-toxic.

We also stock many wooden toys, which can cope with strong teeth. Wooden toys work well as rabbit chew toys as they last for a long time.

Rabbit and guinea pig toys in our online store

Buying guinea pig toys in Australia couldn’t be simpler. The different types of toys are available to you at the click of a button. We have guinea pig chews in all sizes, shapes and colours.

We also stock bits and bobs for bunnies, like rabbit chew toys, wood gnaws and rabbit toys you can hang in their habitat.

There are all sorts of things for your pet to chew and toss about their habitat. And what bunny or cavy’s home would be complete without a fiddle sticks bendy hideout?

Mice toys in our online store

For your pet mouse find a fun mouse maze, this is designed to encourage your mice to play. It will encourage your mouse to explore, which will prevent boredom. It’s also heaps of fun to watch your little pet scurry through the brightly coloured tubes.