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Small animal supplies

Are you concerned about mange in guinea pigs? Perhaps you just need some rabbit worming products? We have small animal supplies to treat and prevent some common health issues among rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents.

Trusted small animal supplies

We have dependable rabbit, guinea pig and rodent medication brands including Oxbow and Aristopet.

In our online store you’ll find Oxbow vitamin C tablets and papaya fruit tablets. We also stock Aristo pet wormer and mite and mange spray.

Types of vet supplies available

Small animal care includes items such as wormers and mite and mange protection. As a rabbit or guinea pig owner, you’ll most likely use these products throughout the year to keep your pet healthy.

Supplements like vitamins and minerals also work to prevent from poor nutrition. Rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents have very specific nutritional requirements so if you are unsure check with your vet.

Buying small animal vet care online

As a pet owner, it’s a good idea to always keep a supply of important vet care products for your rabbit, guinea pig or rodent. Much like we keep a medicine cabinet full of headache tablets and cough syrup, you should also have a go-to kit prepared for your pet.

Your small animal health kit should contain mite and mange spray, pet worming products and an easy to administer vitamin supplement.

In our online store you’ll find a starter pack from Aristopet that includes five of their products. It is an ideal health care pack for small animal owners.