Purina Supercoat for happy and active dogs

The right dog food can change the way your furry friend looks at the world. Purina Supercoat has been developed to meet the needs of discerning dogs, impacting their energy levels, playfulness and general wellbeing. You need to be sure that your dog is getting the right nutrients around the clock, no matter their age.

Supercoat dog food has been carefully developed to incorporate all the key elements of a complete and balanced diet:

  • High quality proteins for a sustained source of active energy
  • 21 Vitamins and minerals to promote a strong immune system
  • Fatty acids will help keep the coat shiny
  • Natural fiber to maintain a healthy digestion

Made in Australia, you can be confident about making the best choice for your canine friend while giving them tasty food that they will go crazy for.

Supercoat Grain Free for food-sensitive dogs

While wheat and grains can be a beneficial part of a dog’s diet, some dogs struggle to digest foods that include these ingredients. High in protein, Supercoat Grain Free ensures your favourite furball still gets a healthy meal no matter their sensitivities or preferences.

Purina Supercoat FAQs

Why should I buy Purina Supercoat from My Pet Warehouse?

While you can quickly nab a bag of Purina Supercoat off the shelf at Coles and Woolies, the team at My Pet Warehouse deliver something more than pet food - we provide advice. We’ll work with you to find the right food for your dog,ensuring your puppy leads a happy, healthy life every day, all day.

Is Supercoat good for dogs

Supercoat is dedicated to supporting happy and healthy dogs. The Smartblend formula addresses the specific needs of dogs with a precise mix of protein and natural ingredients, ensuring they continue to chase frisbees all afternoon, every afternoon.

Should I feed my puppy Supercoat?

Supercoat Puppy is a specifically formulated recipe designed for puppies up to 12 months of age, supporting their brain and development, in addition to their natural defences now and for years to come.

How often should I feed my dog Supercoat?

Supercoat dog food is part of a complete and balanced diet. Full of vitamins and minerals and without any artificial colours or flavours, you can use Supercoat as part of your dog’s daily food ritual. Food sensitive or trying to lose weight? Supercoat has every dog covered with a range of specialised products.

How do I integrate Supercoat into my dog's diet?

How much food your dog should have really depends on their age, breed, weight and temperament. Make sure you check the packaging to give your dog the right amount of food and always keep fresh water available for them.

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