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For added peace of mind, install a Bindaboo Security gate into your house. If you're looking to section off your house into 'dog-friendly' and 'no-dog zones', this is an affordable and reliable solution. 

This product is ideal for families who have dogs or pups with children or toddlers who won't play nicely together. Children are naturally curious and it may not be wise to introduce them to unpredictable dogs. The Bindaboo Pet Safety Gate will stand strong and separate your little ones when you can't be there to supervise.

Additionally, these gates can benefit owners who would prefer to keep their dog inside when they leave the house, but still want to confine them to a particular area indoors. 

Bindaboo gates don't need to be screwed or bolted to walls, instead they use a convenient pressure mounting system so when the time comes to remove the barriers, you won't be left with hideous holes or discolouration in your walls. This is also useful if you are renting. 

The gate itself swings open both ways and will automatically close should you leave it open. You won't be left wondering if you forgot to close it behind you. Best of all, it is really easy to install.

Can fit hallways and doors that are between 71cm x 82cm in width. The gate can extend to 2.82m in length with extensions.

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