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Vets All Natural Joint Support Powder, 250g

This powdered supplement has been developed by Dr Bruce Syme of Vets All Natural. The holistic formula aims to improve your dog's joint health and function with long term use.

With a combination of ingredients including Boron, Calcium, Mangnesium Fish Oil, Ginger, Vitamin C and Sulfur, it supplements a healthy diet. The boost of these nutrients provides broad skeletal support for joints and arthritis (not recommended for use in acute or infectious conditions.

It contains:
  • Active constituents (perkg) - Glucosamine Hydrochloride 50g, Chondroitin Sulfate (bovine source) 47.5g
  • Other ingredients (per kg) - Ascorbic acid (Vit C) 125g, Sulfur 12.5g, Boron 75mg (as chelate)
Directions for use:

There is a scoop to help you measure the correct dosage for your pet. One level scoop is 10g

3-5kg Dog: First 14 days - 1/2 scoop, Long term use - 1/4 scoop
6-10kg Dog: First 14 days - 1 scoop, Long term use - 1/2 scoop
11-20kg Dog: First 14 days - 2 scoops, Long term use - 1 scoop
21-30kg Dog: First 14 days - 3 scoops, Long term use - 1 1/2 scoops
31-40kg Dog: First 14 days - 4 scoops, Long term use - 2 scoops
40kg+ Dog: First 14 days - 6 scoop,s Long term use - 3 scoops

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