ZiwiPeak is New Zealand’s answer to BARF raw food. Available in both wet and dry mixes, ZiwiPeak food for dogs and cats is made from only the finest meat, sourced from New Zealand’s South Island.

ZiwiPeak foods are available for both cats and dogs, they contain all the essential nutrients they need and most wet food and dry food mixes from their range contain green lipped mussels and other seafood ingredients to boost their intake of vitamins and minerals. The reason why ZiwiPeak food is so good for pets is because it actually mimics a wild-prey diet – it’s like what they would eat if they weren’t domesticated.

There are plenty of yummy flavours to choose from in the wet and dry food ranges including selections like Rabbit and Lamb or Venison and Fish. There’s bound to be a flavour that your dog or cat will love!

If you’re already a fan of their meal solutions why not give ZiwiPeak’s natural treats a go? Popular selections include the Deer Shank and Deer Hoofer as they keep your dog’s teeth clean while also rewarding them with marrow. Their treats are ideal boredom busters because they’ll keep your dog occupied and chewing to their heart’s content for ages.

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